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Low or moderate-pressure compression stockings?

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Dr. Mohamed Salama
October 29, 2023

hat was the main objective of the studies? 

Dr. Salama: Both studies aimed to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and comfort of medical compression stockings with different pressures after vein surgery. 

What pressure ranges were compared in the studies?
Dr. Salama: The studies compared stockings with low pressure (18 to 21 mmHg) and those with moderate pressure (23 to 32 mmHg). 

What were the benefits of moderate pressure in the early post-operative period?
Dr. Salama: According to one study, compression stockings with a pressure of 23 to 32 mmHg in the early postoperative period were shown to provide a more rapid reduction in clinically and ultrasonically verified edema and subjective feelings of pain, tightness, and discomfort in the leg. 

Were there any long-term differences between the two pressure ranges? 

Dr. Salama: No, in the long term, especially six weeks after surgery, there was no significant difference between the two pressure ranges in terms of clinical and ultrasound-related findings. 

Why might choosing lower-pressure stockings be beneficial for some patients?
Dr. Salama: Lower-pressure compression stockings can be beneficial because they are easier to put on and cause less discomfort. This can lead to better tolerance, especially if the stockings have to be worn for a longer period of time. 

What conclusion do you draw from these studies for patients after vein surgery? 

Dr. Salama: While higher-pressure stockings may offer short-term benefits, lower-pressure stockings show similar efficacy in the long term and may be a more comfortable alternative for many patients.

Dr. Mohamed Salama discusses in detail with CR Heribert Kindermann, MA, the differences and benefits of low-pressure and moderate-pressure compression stockings. 

What is really important for the patient when choosing medical compression stockings? 

Dr. Salama: The choice of the right compression stocking after vein surgery depends on individual preferences and needs. It is important to seek advice from a specialist and consider both options. 

What are the lessons learned for LBCL surgery and vein practice? 

Dr. Salama: At LBCL Surgery & Vein Practice, we rely on these studies as well as our experience. Taking into account our patients' adherence to therapy, we have decided to use the stockings with lower compression for a longer period of time in appropriate cases. We believe that continuous therapy is more effective than interrupted or inconsistent treatment. Our experience shows that our patients prefer lower strength compression and are then more likely to wear the stockings! The stockings with lower compression are often thinner and therefore offer a wide variety of application possibilities. They are easy to combine with different garments and are more comfortable to wear, especially in the hot summer months. In terms of color choice, there is something for everyone thanks to the wide range of colors available.

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