How to Pay ?

Convenient payment options to suit your timescale and budget

Vein Therapy Fees

These package prices include your vein mapping consultation, personalised treatment plan and aftercare

Vein Laser therapy
1999 € *
Includes 28 days follow-up

* Starting from
Microfoam Sclerotherapy
220 € *
Includes 14 days follow-up

* Starting from
Vein Mapping Consultation
250 € *
Includes 14 days follow-up

* Starting from
YAG LASER TReatments
170 € *
Includes 14 days follow-up

* Starting from

Don’t waste time on temporary treatments

Our long-lasting vein treatments will have you walking, running and dancing with more comfort and confidence

How do the different vein treatment options compare?

The simplest and and most efficient way to compare vein treatments
Shorter operation time
Less needle sticks
Less pain during post-op
Can be combined with
Phlebectomy (a supplemental procedure to treat small visible veins once the root cause has been addressed)
Can be used on large veins (more than 2 cm in diameter)
Can treat an unlimited number of veins
Can treat incompetent perforator veins (the most common cause of recurrent varicose veins)
Low chance of recurrent vein condition
Minimally invasive
Components Included
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Payment Methods, Financing and Charity work

Everyone deserves to experience the comfort and confidence that comes with fit and flawless legs

Payment Methods & Financing

How can I pay for treatment?  
You can choose from a range of payment methods. We accept cash, bank transfer, debit and credit cards.  

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, through the Bank of Austria with an 0% interest rate.

How does insurance cover work?
Depending on your insurance plan, you could be reimbursed the cost of your treatment. You will need to check with your insurer before treatment. If you are covered, we will send you an invoice. Once you have paid for treatment, you can forward the invoice to your insurer who will reimburse the cost of treatment to your bank account.

Charity Work

1.Sponsoring and supporting the Matura Ball 8C 2018 BG/BRG Leibnitz. Event Video.

2. Supporting the Höhere Technische Lehranstalt HTL in Kaindorf an der Sulm, School Year 2018/2019 and 2020/2021.

3. We have plans in place to establish a charity organisation in partnership with Praxis. The charity will aim to provide financial support for patients in hard financial situations to help them afford minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins.  We will raise funds through the reselling of assets such as artwork, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards funding the charity work.  Due to the current pandemic, these plans are currently on hold. However, we have scheduled to resume communications in May to launch the charity in October 2020.

4. Supporting and sponsoring the School Library in BG/BRG School Leibnitz 2020.

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A top varicose vein medical surgeon in Leibnitz specialising in minimally-invasive vein therapy

Bringing you the benefit of hundreds of successful cases

Mohamed Salama | FacharztMBBcH, Msc.Mohamed Salama is a passionate and dedicated specialist general and visceral surgeon who specialises in minimally invasive vein therapy.He is committed to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients and believes that an individualised approach achieves the best, long-lasting results. Dr Salama is the lead clinician at the LBCL Surgery and Vein Clinic.

Our Values , Our Promise

What You Get

Benefit from a  specialist.

Prominent veins are more than just a cosmetic issue, they indicate a medical condition of the circulatory system and must be treated by a healthcare professional, not an aesthetic practitioner.

Latest techniques, long-lasting results.

Dr Mohamed Salama has the skills to undertake a full clinical and duplex ultrasound vein mapping assessment and provide a full range of treatments to get you lasting results.

Devoted aftercare  recovery and beyond.

All of our treatments include 28-day follow-up, where we perform vein mapping to assess the outcome of your treatment and evaluate the results.

Individualized treatment plans

Individualized treatment plans allow you to recover in a way that is the best fit for you. The treatment plan should encompass the unique situation and needs of each person.

Broad Spectrum Treatments

Our different treatments options covers as well all other Vein diseases related conditions as Hamosiderin deposition and Brown Pigments. Skin Sagging and other condiitions.

Fast Appointment Scheduling

We're always committed to fastest possible, Efficient Appointment Scheduling. Each Patient usually will be offered an appointment within maximal 1 Week Time.