What do you need to know about Recurrent Varicose Veins and Treatments in Leibnitz

Individualized Vein Treatments helps to eliminate the Misery of Recurrent varicose Veins

What do you need to know about Recurrent Varicose Veins and Treatments in Leibnitz

Individualized Vein Treatments helps to eliminate the Misery of Recurrent varicose Veins

What are the Recurrent Varicose Veins ?

Recurrent Varicose Veins are a common problem after Surgery, their incidence is reported to be between 20% to 80% in patients with chronic venous disease. They are best described as recurring the symptoms of the varicose veins and the chronic venous disease after sometime of Relief after the Surgery.

What are the causes for the Recurrent Varicose Veins?

Among the causes are diseased perforator Veins, Neovascularity and recurrent Saphenous Vein incompetence due to many different reasons. The Most Important Factor is the genetic predisposition (Inheritance from Parents ) to Chronic Venous Disease, which allow more extension of the vein disease to new areas which were not diseased before. Technical errors as well as remnant untreated varicose veins after the first treatment are among the causes too.

How to diagnose a recurrent varicose veins?

Through a detailed examination and meticulous approach , Color Duplex sonography scan , known as Vein Mapping of the whole leg to see every possible vein and perforator vein sto assess if there is a recurrence or a new veins are diseased.

what are the Treatment Options and how effective they are ?

Treatment of Recurent Varicose Veins rely on the first place over establishing the right diagnosis , a detailed treatment plan will be tailor made individually to each patient , as the variations of clinical picture is very frequent, according different treatment options will be used together to achieve the best results for each individual patient

How important are the Follow up and the sonography Check up after the treatment?

The Follow up after Recurrent Varicose Vein treatment is crucial for the success of the treatment , The treatment Plan go on 28 Days follow up Period , and after this period an optionally Follow up plan at 3 Months , 6 , 12 and 18 Months Intervals are offered to each patient, this Follow up plan make it possible to detect any new diseased veins or remnant veins at a short time intervals which make the treatment more effective and fast

How are the clinical experience here in terms of the Results of this treatment Plan ?

The Results of this treatment are rather promising , over 67 % of our patients are a Recurrent varicose Veins which were treated sometime before , we have a high success rate and higher patient compliance and satisfaction after the treatment, a high quality of life and in every day activities are reported from our patients

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There is no single treatment which is right and the Only to treat Varicose veins , the right treatment is always a mixture of different types of treatments which are tailor made to suit the patient needs.


Why do people choose to have Individulised Vein Treatments?

So that they can walk, run and dance with more comfort and confidence

After the individual vein treatment, you’ve got your legs back. Those awful veins are no longer the first thing you see when you look in the mirror.


Relief washes over you knowing that your condition has been treated and you no longer have to suffer from those uncomfortable symptoms again.

You feel like you can wear everything and anything you want.

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Mohamed Salama | Facharzt MBBcH, Msc., MC Phleb Mohamed Salama is a passionate and dedicated specialist general and visceral surgeon who specialises in minimally invasive vein therapy.He is committed to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients and believes that an individualised approach achieves the best, long-lasting results. Dr Salama is the lead clinician at the LBCL Surgery and Vein Clinic.

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All of our treatments include 28-day follow-up, where we perform vein mapping to assess the outcome of your treatment and evaluate the results.

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