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Weg mit unschönen Augenringen

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Dr. Mohamed Salama
July 29, 2021

The LBCL Surgery & Vein Practice is constantly incorporating new, contemporary strategies and therapies of modern anti-aging medicine into its treatment spectrum.  Most recently also the Micro-nanofat treatment of disturbing dark circles under the eyes and  surgical scars.

Are there any particular indications for the use of stem cells and Nanofat?

Dr. Salama: In addition to Botox injections Filler and thread lifting are the most popular anti-aging methods, especially to give the lips more volume, to remove wrinkles from the face or to make the neck and décolleté look a few years younger. Based on our initial, promising experience in treating the scars of our patients, we at the LBCL Surgery & Vein Practice have decided to use micro-nanofat treatment and to include it in our range of treatments. In combination with skin laser treatment and microneedling, we achieve very good results in terms of skin rejuvenation, visually unsightly dark circles, sun-damaged skin, skin lifting and scar treatment.

Are our stem cells the solution?

Dr. Salama: Stem cells are one of the few cells in the body that are able to differentiate into different cell types and have the potential to become a needed cell type and replace worn-out and damaged cells that they encounter. We have many stem cells in adipose tissue. When stem cells are transplanted with fat into body parts, the majority of them proliferate, helping to form new tissue at the transplanted site.Stem cell facial rejuvenation therapy is a non-surgical procedure. Here, science harnesses stem cells to cause the body to produce more collagen and replenish tissues with healthy bloodfluss, resulting in a radiant, more youthful appearance.
When stem cells are used alone or combined with microneedling or laser as a skin-stimulating _therapy and injected into the skin, they act as mimics and begin to co-produce collagen for the skin. The procedure can help smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and improve skin elasticity.

How is Nanofat used?

Dr. Salama: A filler treatment with nanofat is performed in a single sitting. The removal of autologous fat and the injection fin- dence take place in one and the same session. The treatment is individualized. The procedureff is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Downtime is minimal, and immediate reactions to the injection may include redness, swelling, and bruising, which can be easily concealed with concealer and disappear within a few days. After autologous fat is harvested, it is processed into either macro-, micro- or nano-fat, which is used according to the indication of the treatment. A patented, closed sterile system for fat harvesting, preparation and re-injection is imported by LBCL Surgery & Vein Practice directly from the UK.

What are the actual advantages of using stem cells and nanofat?

Dr. Salama: If an artificial material such as hyaluronic acid is used as a filler material or for thread lifting, good effects can be achieved. But the durability is limited. Stem cells can lift the volume and texture for a more youthful appearance of the skin and help repair and rejuvenate the skin for up to 18 months. This is possible because stem cells have the amazing ability to recognize and repair damaged tissue.

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