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Say Goodbye to Cellulite

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Dr. Mohamed Salama
July 26, 2022

any people have a growing desire for more beautiful legs. Skin tightening and the reduction of fatty tissue are among the most frequent wishes. Nobody wants to have orange peel skin, i.e. a padded skin surface with orange peel-like dents (cellulite).

What should be considered before starting a cellulite treatment?

Dr Salama: In order to find the best individual therapeutic approach for patients, the general characteristics of cellulite must first be understood. The first step is therefore the examination of the cell structure and the ultrastructural analysis of the cellulite.

Are women and men affected differently by cellulite?

Dr Salama: The different architecture of the fatty tissue of men and women means that women are more susceptible to cellulite because their fatty tissue is profoundly altered when cellulite develops.

What findings does medicine have based on studies about cellulite?

In a study on cellulite, samples were taken from women who had undergone surgical treatment to treat orange peel skin. The aim of the study was to examine all local factors related to cellulite in order to understand the structural and cellular elements and to define which factors play a role in connection with cellulite in order to be able to decide on the best treatment approach.

So what are the key findings from the study?

Dr Salama: The light and electron microscopy of the area affected by cellulite showed a shape that was completely different from other common fat deposits. In particular, vesicles were found in that part of the tissue that lies between the cells and surrounds them in a geflect-like manner, indicating an interaction between the different components. Proteomic analysis, which determines a selection of proteins found in adipose tissue, showed that adipose tissue affected by cellulite is affected by high levels of oxidative stress and remodelling phenomena. Oxidative stress, which also contributes to ageing, occurs when there is an imbalance between the activity of free radicals and the activity of antioxidants. As long as there is a balance, free radicals help to fight off pathogens that lead to infections. When there are more free radicals than can be kept in balance by antioxidants, they begin to damage fatty tissue, DNA and proteins in the body. Since proteins, lipids and DNA make up the majority of the body, this can lead to many diseases over time.

Can oxidative stress be prevented?

Dr Salama: One way to prevent oxidative stress is to make sure you get enough antioxidants in your diet. Eating five servings of different fruits and vegetables a day is the best way to provide the body with what it needs to produce antioxidants.

What do we learn from the study?

Dr Salama: The new aspect of the study is the focus on the particular morphology of the fat tissue affected by cellulite. The resulting findings could influence surgical procedures based on cutting the collagen fibres. The second finding is the role of so-called mesenchymal stem cells. Multipotent stem cells are found in bone marrow and are important for building and repairing cartilage and bone. The fat contained in the bone marrow is isolated from the stromal vascular fraction of the affected adipose tissue.

At LBCL Surgery & Vein Practice we recognise the importance of these aspects and take a combined approach to treatment. Using laser and lipolysis, the stromal cell matrix associated with cellulite is renewed, guaranteeing our patients long-lasting results. We are in constant contact with international researchers and follow scientific studies to continuously update our approach and put it on a solid basis.

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